Hello Future, See You Later Past!

Quitting is one of those moments when you really get a chance to look back and think about what went well, what went bad and how to improve. Yesterday was my last day building games for Sanoma Games. I did not blog about my time in Sanoma at all for no specific reason. The year has gone by so fast, I hardly had the chance to keep up my blog.

I took the job a year ago because I wanted to try building apps that already had users and made revenue. None of the startups I built before managed to reach proper revenue-phase. I wanted to take a sneak preview of what happens when products get from A to A +1.

The year at Sanoma has been really good. I’ve learned a lot and had a chance to work with some of the greatest. Perhaps from the product development point of view the greatest takeaway for me is the importance of designer in a team when developing web app. In my previous startups design has been overlooked.

While working with games at Sanoma Games I also got some (more) experience in doing metrics-driven development. This is again something I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on before since in early-stage start-ups there isn’t that much customer data that could help developing the product. Or at least there is more data in later stages.  I’ll write more about these experiences later.

So what next? I am not sure yet. I have some wild plans on relocating to Australia and I also have a new project www.snipplist.com (not yet a startup) that we are building with Ilari Patrikka and Timo Parkkinen, old hacker friends. But who knows what happens. I might also join some startup or big company to build new great products online on different platforms. For now I am planning to just take my time to see what happens.

Hello Future, See You Later Past!


May 10, 2012. Uncategorized.

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  1. Helene replied:

    Congraz! Australia seems like an interesting option. 🙂

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