Working for Applifier now

I started working with Applifier in the beginning of March. I am still involved with GigsWiz in more of an advisory role and spending most of my time working now on Applifier. The Past 12 months meant a lot to me at GigsWiz and I got to work with some amazing people. I feel confident saying that the level of execution was higher than in my previous startup and that I learned a lot. Mostly about how to take your project fast to US and UK from Finland and about customer development. More about lessons learned later. I had great time building GigsWiz and I grew a lot during the process. Thanks Juuso, Joonas and the team for the ride.

For the  past 4 years I’ve been heavily involved with developing web services, social  media applications and mobile services for the sports and music  industries. Both industries are going through rapid transformation due  to digitalization of the industry.  Both of them are also very old  industries and some of the structures in the industry have been in place  for decades. Mobile and Social web are one of the fastest growing  industries in the world and their growth is driven by games.  Gaming is the new black and it drives the development of many key  technologies in the world.

I’ve been following the gaming industry from distance for few years now and it does not seize to amaze me how the gaming industry is driving the growth of mobile internet and how important games are in social networking space. In addition to driving the growth of social and mobile platforms, gaming industry is also growing fast itself. Digi-Capital estimates in their Global Video Games Investment Review that Online and mobile games should grow global video games sector revenue market size to $87B and take 50% revenue share at $44B (18% CAGR 09-14F). The historically strong pure console sector is flat to down. This makes the growth and the size of gaming industry bigger than music and movies.

I’ve never been too crazy about games but I’ve been always playing something. I like mostly strategy games and role playing games. First gaming platform for me was Nintendo and when I got my first computer I spent a fair amount of time with Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D etc. My first social gaming addiction was Heroes Of Might And Magic (with SerfCity). I got really addicted to it when I was younger and we still play it with my girlfriend today, Heroes Of Might And Magic III to be precise. Doom and especially ROTT (rise of the triad) has a special place in my heart as the first game I played online with friends.  Later I got pretty addicted to Diablo which still offers a great gaming experience. Last stop on my sweet memory lane of games is 007 golden eye on xbox. We spent so many evenings after school playing this game with friends. Splitting screen for four players was crazy cool 🙂 It was one of the best console game experiences that I’ve ever had. We still gather with those friends occasionally to spend weekend playing Fifa, NHL and Halo. I love games and I wish I had more time to play WoW and Gunshine.

At Applifier I will be working with product development as product director. I will start by managing the development of our advertising, cross promotion and analytics backend tools. In addition to that I’m involved with couple of new products that I’m very excited about.  I’ll write more about those later. My personal goal is to learn as much about gaming industry as fast as possible. As I move towards gaming industry you can expect me to blog also about game development related topics.


March 9, 2011. Startup.


  1. Tuomas Artman replied:

    All the best!

  2. joonas replied:

    It was great to have Kai on board hands-on for our initial product development push, thanks man!

  3. Harri Sieppi replied:

    Good luck Kai!

  4. Henri replied:

    What got you to move from GigsWiz to Applifier? Got sick of hanging out with Lady Gaga?

  5. Linda replied:

    Jee, onnea Kai! Siisti juttu.

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